Our Services

Structural Engineering

We design foundations and pod floors, bridges, roads, and building structures. Our team of experienced structural engineers offer a range of services to suit all your needs.

Red Bridge


  • Structural elements on buildings, such as POD floors, beams, portals, lintels
  • Foundations
  • Retaining wall design
  • Driveways
  • Bridges & Culverts
  • Compliance and Resource Consents
Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying
Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying

We conduct site analysis and feasibility studies to determine the suitability of a particular site for commercial development. Assessment factors include soil composition, environmental impact, and zoning regulations to determine the feasibility of a project.

  • Subdivisional reports
  • Site surveys
Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering

Our team of experienced engineers can assist with strengthening work. This includes

  • The design of buildings and other structures, and the analysis of existing structures to determine their safety and suitability for commercial use
  • Commercial building design
Wastewater, Stormwater & Potable Water
On-site Waste & Storm Water Design

We can help determine your project requirements for the following:

  • Commercial effluent systems design
  • Commercial stormwater design