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Residential Subdivisions

Residential subdivisions form a large part of our business. Many of the major construction companies use our engineers for subdivisions. We also regularly assist with smaller subdivisions.

Tilsley Engineering can guide you through feasibility, design and construction. Our areas of expertise cover ground testing, access, parking, design, infrastructure, consent, earthworks, retaining walls, pod floors, monitoring and compliance.

We have engineers available that specialize in large and small infrastructure projects. We can either plan the whole thing or work together with surveyors to get your project done.

Farmland at Sunrise
Farmland at Sunrise


  • Land development for resource consent
  • Pre purchase advice re: subdivisions
  • Flood reports and catchment studies including OLFP diversions
  • Stormwater mitigation, detention tank design
  • Onsite stormwater design, including soakholes, raingardens, rock bores etc.
  • Onsite wastewater design as per ARC TP58Earthworks plan, cut/fill including sediment management
  • Pump station design – stormwater or wastewater
  • Technical reports (stream works, flood protection, etc.)
  • Waste water capacity check and consult with Watercare
  • Stormwater capacity check and detention tank design
  • Driveway design
  • Watercare Services assist with Direct approval, works over, network extension, new connections, etc.
  • Earthworks
  • Consultation with parks department and Auckland transport
  • Liaise with Parks and AT, arrange AEE reports, obtain LOAEngineering Approval
  • Public stormwater/wastewater extension and EPA application
  • Common Access Way Design and CAW application
  • Arrange pre con meeting, supervise construction to completion including engineering sign off
  • Construction monitoring and 244c completion
Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying
Geotechnical Investigation & Surveying

We assist homeowners, developers, and builders to inspect and evaluate the feasibility of a proposed residential development. This includes analysing the site's geotechnical conditions, topography, hydrology, liquefaction and other factors or challenges that may impact the project.

  • Ground conditions
  • Groundwater conditions
  • Liquefaction
  • Ground stability
  • Foundation design
Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering

Our team of experienced engineers can assist with strengthening work. This includes the design of buildings and other structures, and the analysis of existing structures to determine their safety and suitability for commercial use.

  • Foundation design
  • Structural beams
  • Portals
  • Lintels
  • Decks etc.
Wastewater, Stormwater & Potable Water
On-site Waste & Storm Water Design

We can help determine your development/subdivision requirements for the following:

  • Domestic effluent systems design (Council PS1)
  • Domestic stormwater design (Council PS1)
Land Development
Land development

We provide supervision services to ensure that residential projects are built according to the approved plans and specifications.

  • Access roads
  • Bridges and Culverts
  • Inspections for consent (council PS4s)